More than 200,000 Americans are hospitalized due to flu symptoms every year, and our team at AFC Urgent Care TN doesn’t want you to be one of them. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help limit your risk of coming down with the flu!

Staying Healthy During Flu Season

The best way to treat the flu is to prevent it from happening in the first place! The flu vaccine is the single best way to prevent getting the flu. But there other things you can do to lower your risk, as well.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

In the winter, most people have their doors and windows closed the majority of the time. That means that little air movement is passing through the house (or business), and germs can stick around on surfaces for longer. That’s why it’s so important to wash your hands regularly—particularly after touching commonly touched surfaces like doorknobs and light switches.

Take Care of Yourself

You need your immune system working at its best. To make sure it’s in fine shape, take extra care to practice healthy living habits. Get regular exercise, eat a balanced diet, don’t smoke, and get plenty of quality sleep.

In addition, try to minimize stress. Stress can take a toll on our health—and weaken your immune system. The next time you feel the stress getting the best of you, perform some meditation techniques or go for a walk/run outside for some exercise and fresh air!

Stay Home When Sick

Finally, if you are sick, you need to remain at home and away from others. Visit one of our urgent care centers for a treatment plan to help you combat the flu, drink lots of liquids, and get plenty of rest. It isn’t worth it to your health (or that of others) to go into work or school sick. Sick days were invented for a reason.

Still need a flu vaccine? Stop by one of our AFC Urgent Care TN facilities for a flu shot as soon as possible!