Ask any parent, and they will tell you that the most important thing is the health and safety of their children. That’s why choosing an urgent care provider for your family is so important. At AFC Urgent Care/Family Care walk-in clinics, we treat your family’s health concerns the same way we treat our own – with excellence, attention, and personal care.

A Chattanooga-area mother recently experienced this specialized attention to family firsthand. When her 16-year-old son was experiencing health issues, this mom quickly directed her son to the local AFC to be treated, but as she got into her car to meet her son there, she realized that her vehicle simply wouldn’t start.

Knowing her son needed treatment, she directed him to AFC without her, assuring him she would meet him as quickly as possible. Having been treated by the physicians at AFC before, she knew that her son was in good hands, but the clinic’s hospitality exceeded even her highest expectations.

“Everyone was so good and thorough with him,” recounted the mom. “He was texting me, telling me how nice everyone was. We always come here when he needs to be seen, but they really went over the top in taking care of him and making him comfortable.”

The team at AFC Urgent Care/Family Care talked with the son, made sure he knew he was safe, and quickly set to work addressing his ailment. Very soon, the son was on the road to recovery, and his mother was able to rest easy knowing that, even in her absence, her son was given the best possible care.

“Here at AFC, we strive to be more than family friendly; we aim to be family inclusive,” said Dr. Todd Rudolph, Medical Director with AFC Urgent Care/Family Care of East Tennessee. “Our team values professional, personal, and purposeful care, no matter the age of the patient or the situation they may be facing.”

To learn more about how AFC Urgent Care/Family Care walk-in clinics can serve your own family, please visit one of our three convenient walk-in locations in Hixson, Cleveland, and Chattanooga.