No one likes to wait, and when it comes to quality health care, no one should have to. Emergency rooms are often crowded, with painfully long wait times. Fortunately for a Chattanooga-area woman, her local AFC Urgent Care/Family Care walk-in clinic was close by and ready to see her quickly.

After a week of upper respiratory problems, this Chattanooga patient first decided to visit the emergency room for medical attention. After a long wait, she received x-rays and a CT scan and was released with cough medicine.

When the medication ran out, and her condition had only worsened, the woman sought help a second time. Hoping to avoid another long wait, she turned to her local AFC Urgent Care/Family Care walk-in clinic.

The new AFC patient was delighted to be seen in a timely manner, and grateful to be treated with personalized care.

“I decided to go on a Saturday, and didn’t have to wait long. Dr. Ballard came in, listened to me, and actually looked in my ears, which were infected. Dr. Ballard also listened  to my breathing and could tell I had a serious case of bronchitis and sinusitis.”

Dr. Ballard and her Chattanooga team at AFC Urgent Care/Family Care listened to the patient about the issues she was facing, administered the appropriate shots, and prescribed antibiotics to restore the woman’s health.

“At AFC, our team values personal, professional care, with a process that allows us to see patients quickly and set them back on the road to health,” said Dr. Todd Rudolph, Medical Director with AFC Urgent Care/Family Care of East Tennessee. “

To learn more about how AFC Urgent Care/Family Care walk-in clinics can provide fast, high quality care for you and your family, please visit one of our three convenient locations in Hixson, Cleveland, or Chattanooga.