When most people think of urgent care centers, they tend to think of a second-rate experience, somewhere they can go to get their flu shot, but not somewhere that they can trust for high-end care.

Fortunately, this perception of the urgent care industry is beginning to shift, and at AFC we are proud to be leading the charge for high-quality urgent care centers. When you visit AFC Urgent Care / Family Care, you’re not just visiting an urgent care center, you’re making a decision to pursue excellent care.

So how does AFC deliver excellent care? We’re glad you asked.

1) Physicians

At AFC Urgent Care / Family Care, our urgent care facilities have licensed physicians on staff, and many of our facilities have a physician on-location at all times. Because of this, we can deliver excellent, hospital-level care.

2) Staff

We would take our staff over any other team on the planet, bar none. Our team of physician assistants, nurses and other healthcare professionals are all industry-leading and extremely capable.

3) Diversity of Care

AFC provides more than just quick and easy vaccinations. We also service many other ailments, including colds and the flu, broken bones, and allergies. Stop by to learn more about the services we provide.

Want to learn more about the benefits of urgent care? Visit AFC today!