OK—so the holidays don’t exactly spell “health,” with all the delicious and carb-filled foods and couch-sitting at the family and friend get-togethers this season. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait until 2017 to start implementing healthy habits! You can start small during the holidays.

Stay Healthy and Fit Today

No matter what happens during your holiday season, there’s always time to get out and get moving. Whether you’re in between meals or taking a morning coffee break before the holiday craziness to come, find time to exercise. Take a walk around the neighborhood, go to the gym for a quick yoga class, create an obstacle course in the backyard with the kids and race, etc. You can also take advantage of online fitness videos! There are no excuses.

Also, be sure to start your day off strong with a healthy, nutritious breakfast. Your morning meal is going to start how your day goes nutritionally. If you start with a healthy meal, you’ll be more focused on making healthy choices throughout the day. Choose protein, which will help you feel full longer and help prevent you from snacking and craving sugar throughout the day.

Before starting any new nutrition or exercise routine, you should always speak with a physician! Come by our office any time, as no appointment is necessary at our urgent care centers.