Kids are the future of the world, as well as the light of so many of our lives, but in order for the future to be as bright as possible, we as adults need to teach them the value and know-how of exercise.

So, how can we teach our kids to exercise without them deciding that they have more important, more digital, tasks to attend to? The answer may be simpler than you think – and the rewards of chasing the solution are incredible!

Here are three ways to get your kids to exercise:

1) Sports
Most kids would say that they don’t like to exercise, but most children also love the competitive and friendship aspects of sports. Encouraging your kids to join a sports team, whether it be soccer, baseball, or some other sport, could start them down the right path.

2) Make It Fun
The moment exercise becomes a chore is the moment a kid is likely to move on. Make exercise an appealing solution to your children by making it enjoyable—turn a jog into a race or a day on the couch into a day at the pool.

3) Talk to Them
Believe it or not, most children are willing to listen to what you have to say, you just have to be willing to say it. Sitting down with your kids and telling them why you love exercising, and why it’s important to you, could help them see the light and begin their own exercise life.

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