Improve Your Quality of Life by Improving Your Self-Esteem! We all can be guilty of criticizing ourselves. However, when the criticism and negative thoughts about ourselves become more of the norm than every now and then, it’s time to take action. Let’s take a look at some ways we can start improving our self-esteem. First, when negative thoughts start running through your mind, turn them around and start viewing the situation as a positive. Instead of putting yourself down because of how you handled a situation, think about the situation in terms of what you could differently in the future. Second, stop comparing yourself to others. At the risk of sounding trite, there’s only one you. You may think someone else is prettier, smarter, more successful, has more money…but he or she is not you. And there are qualities you have that no one else does. Finally, start exercising regularly if you don’t already. But make sure the activity you choose is something you truly enjoy. Otherwise, it will become tedious and you’ll be less likely to stick with it. Exercise benefits the mind and body in multiple ways and promotes positive mood and self-esteem. Is how you think about yourself affecting your health in a negative way? Then it’s time to seek help! Visit one of our AFC Urgent Care TN locations today to speak with one of our physicians who can help you get back to feeling like yourself.]]>