1) Toss the Candy Leftover Halloween candy can be a tempting treat for many, especially if you have children (and more to the point, their seemingly endless supply of candy). Get yourself off to a healthy holiday season by selecting a few pieces of favorite candies, and doing away with the rest. (One good way to do this: Mail a care package, including candy, to a soldier overseas!) 2) Keep Up an Active Routine In the chaos of the holidays, it can be more difficult to get to the gym for your normal workouts. But it’s vitally important to stay physically active—in fact, it’s essential for your physical and mental health. Schedule an appointment with yourself for a workout at least a few times a week, whether it’s for a brisk walk around the neighborhood, a yoga DVD or a class at the gym. Your stress level will thank you! 3) Practice Moderation Your family’s Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, and the parties of the holiday season, will tempt you with a variety of indulgent foods outside your normal diet. It’s OK to treat yourself—just do so with a plan in mind! Before heading out to a party, eat a healthy snack so you aren’t starving when you get there. Fill up your plate with fruits, vegetables and lean proteins, then choose a small portion of dessert to round out your meal. And when it comes time to indulge, treat yourself to the foods that are once-a-year traditions, not foods you can have all the time. Want to learn more about healthy habits? Visit AFC today!]]>