What Are the Prevention Tips for Dehydration? While drinking ample amounts of water is the logical solution to preventing dehydration, being conscious about how many (and what type) of liquids you are consuming is especially important if you are at an increased risk. If you are ill, it is important to keep your fluid intake up to prevent becoming dehydrated—if you cannot consume fluids, you should seek medical attention. Additionally, if you know you will be doing activity or playing sports outdoors, consume ample amounts of water before you go out and continue to drink throughout the activity to replenish your fluids. Avoid drinks that are high in sugar, caffeine or alcohol, as these can actively dehydrate you, especially when it is warm outside.

Those at High Risk of Dehydration

  • Children who have been playing outside for a long time
  • Athletes
  • Those that work outdoors such as landscapers or construction workers
  • Older adults

How Can I Treat Dehydration?

If you do begin to feel dehydrated, it is important to take immediate action so it does not become a severe or life-threatening incident. The best things to do if you start to feel dehydrated are as follows.

How to Rehydrate

  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Consuming a sport or electrolyte drink
  • Making your own rehydration solution with water, sugar and salt
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