Get Ready for School! One of the best ways to help relieve any anxiety your child might have before the new school year is by meeting his or her teacher. Children often fear that a new teacher might not like them, or that they won’t be comfortable with a new teacher. Once your child has met his or her teacher, some of those irrational fears will disappear—to be replaced by excitement about what’s next. If the school is also new for your child, try and give him or her a tour before the first day. You can generally get a school employee to show your child around the campus. That way he or she can get familiar with the building and not feel nervous and lost on the first day. If your child will be taking the bus to school, it may also help to step your child through what will happen on a school day. Take your little one to the bus stop, then get in the car and travel the route the bus will follow, all the way to school. This should allay fears about the unfamiliar. Also, make sure to establish a routine and set expectations for your child each and every day. Knowing what to expect for the day will help your child’s uncertainty. By getting in a routine, your child can gain confidence and make the school year a successful one. Does your child need a back to school physical? There’s an AFC Urgent Care TN location near you that can help get your child ready to go. And no appointment is necessary!]]>