Keeping ourselves and our families healthy has been on the forefront of all of our minds the past couple of years. Now at the onset of cold and flu season, it becomes a priority again!

Thankfully, the flu shot has been providing protection against serious illness for over 50 years, and it is a great tool that we recommend to everyone that is eligible.

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How Does the Flu Shot Work?

The vaccine includes bits of deactivated flu virus from the most common circulating strains of the year. These bits of killed virus simply creates an immune response in your body to form antibodies against the real flu virus. How neat, right?

The flu vaccine is considered very safe to all who are eligible to get it. Anyone under 6 months of age, people who are allergic to the ingredients or who previously had Guillain-Barre Syndrome are the only people who should not get the vaccine. Everyone else can benefit from the protection it provides!

Benefits From the Flu Vaccine

  • It reduces your risk of death due to the flu.
  • It can reduce the number of days you are sick if you do get the flu.
  • The shot protects you from serious complications.
  • It can help with herd immunity.

What Side Effects Does the Flu Shot Cause?

Contrary to popular belief, the flu shot cannot give you the flu. Since the virus in it is not live, it cannot make you sick.

However, it is possible to experience mild side effects from the vaccine as your body reacts and creates that immune response. Feeling run down with a mild headache, muscle aches, or a general unwell feeling are all common and just means that the shot is working!

Take Care of Your Body

  • Get your annual flu shot.
  • Wash hands for 20 seconds each time.
  • Avoid others if they are sick.
  • Eat well and stay hydrated.
  • Make sleep a priority.

It’s not too late to get your flu shot this year! Come see us today at one of our AFC Urgent Care TN locations.