Scare Away Illness The best way to prepare for Halloween is to prepare your health for all the fun to be had throughout the month. For starters, you and your family are about to be doing some trick-or-treating in a few weeks. Therefore, you are going to want to get your muscles moving in preparation for the big day. “Carve” out time this month to go for some early evening walks as a family in order to ensure there are no pulled muscles or ankle sprains while trick-or-treating this Halloween. It’ll also help you get in the habit of getting in the regular physical activity that’s recommended for everyone. You also want to watch what you and your family are eating. October brings tons of temptations with candy and sweet treats galore. Stay balanced by eating a healthy diet—fill your plate with plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and small amounts of healthy fats. Along with what you eat, make sure you’re also drinking plenty of water. Finally, when planning your child’s Halloween costume, you want to buy or make it with safety in mind. Will your child be seen easily? Does his or her mask cover the eyes? Is the costume too long, making it a tripping hazard? These are all aspects of a child’s Halloween costume that need to be covered to ensure the child remains safe while trick-or-treating this Halloween. No one wants to miss out on Halloween because they’re sick. Visit an AFC Urgent Care TN location if you’re feeling under the weather, so that we can get you back to better health.]]>