If you think being sick over the holidays is no fun, try being sick and traveling this holiday season. That is a horrible combination.

So keep the fun in your holiday travels by following these tips from our team at AFC Urgent Care TN!

Just Say No to Achoos This Holiday Season!

As with anything, preparation is key when preventing illness over the holidays. Before you hit the road this holiday season, put together a kit of medications you might possibly need, like OTC pain relievers, cold and flu meds, and stuff to soothe a queasy tummy. Toss in bandages and first-aid items, and put your kit in your carry-on. And don’t forget to also take along all of your normal, daily medications, as well.

Second, make sure you have all the vaccinations you need before heading out of town. While the flu vaccine is highly recommended for help in preventing the flu virus this season, depending on your travel destination, certain travel vaccines might also be necessary before departing on your journey.

Finally, no matter where you’re traveling to this holiday season (across the street or across the country), you must make hand-washing a part of your regular routine. Wash your hands often during the day with soap and water. If water isn’t readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer until you’re able to get to a sink.

Remember, the holiday season was meant to be enjoyed. Don’t stress over every little thing. If something has to be skipped because you are sick, that’s OK! So, enjoy the holidays—no matter what.

Did you or a loved one fall ill on your way to visit family? Fortunately, if you’re traveling through east Tennessee, there is an AFC Urgent Care TN facility along the way to help you get back on your feet and hit the road illness-free!