At AFC Urgent Care TN, we’re ready to assist with your child’s sports physical and injury-related care, but are you ready to handle the emotions associated with sports tryouts?

Tackle Tryouts Like a Boss

The best thing you can do to help your child do his or her best at the upcoming tryout is to prepare him or her, both physically and mentally.

Start by using some of your free time to work out together, by running laps around the house, walking the dog around the neighborhood, jumping rope or doing other physical activities, as well as practicing the sport your child is trying out for this season.

For soccer, for example, set up a goal for your child to practice. If your child is trying out for the baseball or softball team, try to find some time to practice hitting, throwing and catching. You may even want to visit the field and let your child run the bases.

Also, mental preparation is just as important. Be there for your child—whether he or she does or doesn’t make the team. If he or she doesn’t make the team this year, talk to the coach to see what you need to work on with your child throughout the year in order to improve the chances of him or her making it next year. You can also look at other teams around town to see if he or she can join that team, instead.

Is your child in need of a sports physical before tryouts begin this season? Visit us at one of our AFC Urgent Care TN locations for an evaluation any time this week. No appointment is necessary!