thanks for all that we have in life. Our team at AFC Urgent Care TN wants to encourage you to spend some time between now and Thanksgiving Day being thankful. Show Your Gratitude this November The meaning behind Thanksgiving is more than just turkey and stuffing. Thanksgiving Day is a holiday meant to be shared with family and friends and provides an opportunity to share all that you are thankful for this year. The following are some ways that you can start showing your gratitude between now and Thanksgiving Day, including: Starting a “Thankful” Journal Every day, whether it is with your cup of coffee in the morning or a for a few minutes before bed, write in your journal everything that you are thankful for in life. It could be something you are thankful for in general, or a memory of something that happened during the day that made you grateful. Remember, there’s good in every day—even on the bad days. This journal will help you to see that even more. Also, spread the gratitude by showing appreciation to those who mean the most to you. Think about writing a note of thanks to a family member or friend who has helped you out recently. Or, consider performing an act of kindness, such as bringing a loved one a cup of coffee or a bread basket to show your appreciation for them. It will help to bring happiness to their day as much as yours. Finally, if your family is willing and able, consider inviting someone who might not have anywhere to go for the holidays into your celebration. Perhaps their family lives out of town and they were unable to afford a ticket to visit them this Thanksgiving, or perhaps a colleague has fallen on hard times and could use some uplifting. Send out an invitation not only to family, but to others as well. After just a week of being thankful, tell us how you feel! Gratitude can help bring an improvement to your health, too! Who wants to miss out on the season of thankfulness this year? No one! If you are beginning to feel sickness coming on, be sure to visit an AFC Urgent Care TN facility so that our medical professionals can help you feel as good as new so you can enjoy Thanksgiving Day with family and friends.]]>