On this blog, we often talk about topics of exercise. We speak on how exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle, how exercise can help with heart health, and how exercise is a great way to lose any unwanted weight.

Well, today we want to talk about a very specific kind of exercise – running! Running is not only exercise, but is also a hobby to many, with playlists, sneakers, and entire brands all being dedicated to the runners among us.

Here are three reasons why running is so important:

1) Mood
Running acts as a natural combatant to depression, with chemicals being released in your brain when you run. So take a jog – your emotions will thank you for it!

2) Knees
You may have been told over the years that running is hard on your knees, but this simply is not true. Recent studies show that running actually has very limited effect on your knees when compared to other forms of exercise. So go for a run with a peace of mind and strength of knees.

3) Lifespan
Is running the fountain of youth? Not quite, but it can certainly help you along the way. On average, runners add 3 years to their life; with some other groups, such as smokers, adding even more through the aerobic activity.

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