It’s happened to millions of us all across the country. You go outside to work, play or enjoy a nice game of catch, take a fall, and without even noticing it, put your arm out to break your fall. Well, more often than not, this results in a sprained wrist.

So how can you deal with a sprained wrist quickly and effectively? It turns out, there are many things you can do immediately to begin allowing your wrist to heal and to soothe any immediate pain.

Here are three ways to treat a sprained wrist:

1) Rest

If you’ve suffered a minor to moderate wrist sprain, the great news is that they often can heal on their own. While seeing a physician is still paramount, there are many steps to take on your own in addition to a doctor visit. The first thing you should do is rest, allowing your wrist 48 hours of labor-free relaxation. In other words, use it only if you have to!

2) Ice

Want to reduce the swelling in your wrist? Ice it! Apply ice for 20 to 30 minutes every three or so hours, following this routine for two to three days, or until the pain subsides, whichever comes first.

3) Listen

Although there are many more things you can do for your wrist, such as elevating it over your heart and keeping it in a sling, the first thing you should do is follow your physician’s advice. He or she has probably dealt with more sprained wrists than you could imagine!

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