You can tell us the truth. Your plate during your Thanksgiving dinner in November didn’t exactly spell “health,” did it? Especially on the second or third trip to the buffet table. But you’re not going to make that same mistake during the upcoming holiday feast, right?

Make a Healthy Plate

Whenever possible, try and choose unprocessed foods, such as fruits and vegetables, as well as those with whole-grain ingredients in them, like whole grain bread-stuffing and whole grain crackers. Fill up your plate (and stomach) with those fruits and veggies, along with lean proteins, then add small amounts of treats.

But there are some dishes that only tend to come out during the holidays, such as grandma’s stuffing or your aunt’s famous apple pie. Instead of choosing foods that are readily available year-round, take ones that you can only get once or twice a year. In addition, if there are a number of desserts on the dessert tray that you want try, you don’t have to say no. Just take a tiny sliver of each and savor a few bites of each treat.

Chances are, you’re not the only one in your family trying to avoid holiday weight gain. Therefore, suggest a walk around the neighborhood after each meal. Or better yet, go around and sing carols to bring about some good, holiday cheer! (Plus, did you know that singing burns 136 calories an hour?)

Don’t let sickness take over your holiday spirit, especially when medical care is near! Visit us today if you’re feeling under the weather so that you can get back to feeling good—just in time for the holiday gatherings!