This is a common question! For most people, you either love exercise or you hate it. But for nearly all of us, we’re often having to try hard to work it into our schedules.
There’s good reason to fit physical activity into our daily lives, though. While in our last blog we talked about fun ways to sneak exercise into your routine, read on today as our team at AFC Urgent Care TN takes a deeper dive into why exercise is so important.

How Does Exercise Help My Health?

When you’re having a hard time motivating yourself to exercise, it may help to keep the many benefits of physical activity in mind. Not only does exercise help you look and feel at your best, but it benefits your physical and mental health in many other ways.
In fact, believe it or not, it can even boost your productivity at work or school! So, get moving.

Benefits of Physical Activity

  • Increased attention span
  • Improved mood
  • Steadier mental health
  • Decreased risk of chronic health conditions
  • Boosted productivity
  • Easier maintenance of a healthy weight

Can I Still Exercise if I Have Arthritis?

Yes! In fact, if you have arthritis, exercise may be your best friend. While physical activity may be the last thing to come to mind when you’re in pain, exercising can actually help alleviate discomfort in many cases.
While any type of movement can be helpful, certain exercises may be better than others. You may find it more comfortable to choose workouts that are easy on the joints, but there are ton of options out there.

Joint-Friendly Exercises

  • Swimming
  • Water aerobics
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Machines such as the elliptical
  • Weight-lifting
  • Dancing
  • Exercise programs like Zumba