No matter who you are, no matter where you live in America, the problem of obesity and childhood obesity are becoming an epidemic before our very eyes. Not only are we seeing the weight increasing in the average American, the associated health risks are growing too.

So, why exactly does exercise matter? Why is it that we should care about keeping off the pounds and staying in a good-health mindset? There are quite a few reasons, and certainly more than we will be able to cover here. However, today we will focus on the top three reasons why exercise matters.

Here are three reasons that you should commit to exercising:

1) Weight
Studies show that running and long-distance exercise not only burn calories in the moment, they actually give your metabolism a jump-start for the rest of the day. There are so many advantages that come alongside weight loss that the extra effort is certainly worth your time.

2) Community
There’s no better way to meet people and develop deep friendships than to exercise alongside them. Not only does this bring constancy to your friendship, you will bond over the pursuit of a common goal, and develop a friendship that is unique to your lifestyle.

3) Ambition
Exercise is one of the few things that are healthy for us that also can be competitive. Start running for exercise and for weight loss, and then continue to run for the merits of the sport side of running. No matter why you run, you’re running yourself into a better lifestyle.