We are all at risk of falling while we are moving around our homes. Most instances are minor accidents like tripping over your dog or misjudging the last step on the stairs and hitting the ground, but they can be frustrating experiences nevertheless.

Getting older increases your risk of falling at home, and it also increases you risk of serious injury. In fact, one in three adults over the age of 65 will experience at least one fall a year at home.

Our AFC Urgent Care TN team wants you to avoid these dangerous situations, so read on to learn more about falling and how to help reduce your risk in your own home.

What Factors Contribute to Falls?

One major contributing factor to falling at home is due to loss of balance. It is common to start losing muscle mass, and our center of balance can start to suffer as a result. This is why regular exercise is so important! Stronger muscles can help you navigate the world more confidently and help you stay on your feet when minor balance issues come into play.

Tai chi, yoga, swimming or even working in your garden every day can all support your strength and balance. Another helpful change to make to support your balance is your choice of shoe. Slippers and sandals may be comfy at the moment, but tennis shoes or sneakers are much more sturdy and can support you as you move about your day.

Home Care Tips to Prevent Falls

  • Have any broken or twisted exterior steps fixed quickly.
  • Keep your lawn tidy and roll up your hoses after every use.
  • Turn your porch light on before leaving in the evening.
  • Salt any ice buildup on the ground during the winter.

What Should I Do if I Suffer a Fall at Home?

The most important thing to do when you fall at home is to resist the urge to get back up immediately. Sometimes injuries aren’t apparent right away, and you could do more damage by attempting to get up before you are ready. Assess your body and determine whether you are feeling OK enough to get up. Move slowly and use any sturdy furniture around you to support yourself as you get off the ground. Find a chair nearby and take a seat while you assess yourself again before moving on with your day.

If you are hurt or you are unable to get up off the ground yourself, call for help. A friend, neighbor or the local authorities can help get you up safely. If you don’t have your phone on you or you can’t reach your main line, make as much noise as you can by yelling out and banging on the floor or walls. Situations like these can become dangerous or even deadly over time, so do not be afraid to be loud to get the attention you need.

Helpful Tips For Staying on Your Feet

  • Use handrails when walking down steps.
  • Install non-slip treads for your bathroom tub or shower.
  • Invest in a raised toilet seat or grab bars.
  • Move slowly and always be aware of your surroundings.

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